About Daniel Robertson
SNAP! -in an instant my collar bone was snapped in multiple places and my rotator cuff was popped out of place. I couldn’t see anything my vision was blurry my shoulder was hanging down to my waist I was so high I couldn’t even feel it but I knew it was broken… 10 minutes ago I was a different person, a 14 year old kid lost, confused and scared, now I was someone who should be dead but somehow survived… With a new purpose.

I now help those who have lived a shell of life of what their full potential actually is. The truth is we all live a shell of the life we actually could. I just help people go to the next level, whatever level that is.

I grew up, in a very religious family, their religious faith was based on fear, fear of hell, fear of the world, fear of the future, fear of themselves. I had their state of being, their feelings, their thoughts, their beliefs directly transferred into my vulnerable, susceptible young mind. I grew up hesitant of everything, and there is nothing more unnatural than hesitation. I was scared to do anything I felt like I was walking on thin ice my whole life. I do this I’ll go to hell, if I do this I’ll go to hell. My parents were always conserving, living in scarcity, my dad would save pennies my mom would worry about losing the house, etc etc.

My whole life up until that point was all about not taking action because I might get hurt or I might get in trouble… So obviously all I did was observe, if I’m not acting all I could do is watch. I judged others, I acted holier than thou…

Massive action taking is the only way to create yourself, it’s only way to find yourself… confidence and self entitlement comes from taking action! I’ve been in my head from age 0-21… this allowed me gain a lot of theories a lot visions, a lot of dreams, a lot of awareness, a lot of assumptions but little facts, little certainty and little knowledge of self until I finally started taking massive action around age 21.

Life is about a balance, allowing and letting go learning to go with the flow and actually be in the flow without trying to pick a part every little detail of this and that… that’s what creates paralysis by analysis… however you can’t take 100% action, you still have to balance out being aware and having a foundation of knowledge so you don’t make the same mistakes others have already made. If you don’t learn and self educate you can make the same mistakes over and over in life and you won’t learn and you won’t know what your next step should be.

Don’t let your life fall into the trap of one extreme or the other… Too much action is bad too much learning and observing is bad… There’s a rule called the 80\20 rule, and at some parts of your life you’ll need 80% self educating and 20% action and other times you’ll need 80% action and 20% self educating… To stay balanced you have to be slightly extreme on both sides of the coin at different times of your life. And eventually you might find the middle ground of 50\50. 

To help you understand the dichotomy or the polarity of yinn and yang in life, understand this, life is just is how it is nothing is good nothing is bad… Think back to the story of Genesis, there was still night and day, penis and vagina, good and evil existed but it was when they ate the from the tree of wisdom they became aware of the differences and they were ashamed. Now all of growth as a human species has come from this awareness of good an evil, however, establishments such as the church and clever marketing geniuses use the fear of loss and the promise of reward to influence and persuade the masses.

We are here to create and own our own stories, if we are living through the stories we’ve been conditioned to believe then our actions are not our own we are sheep being lead to the slaughter… And that’s the slaughter of our dreams, because we are not acting from our own divine purpose… you were born with a uniqueness a dream a gift a reason for being on this earth you are worth so much more than materialism, consumption, immediate gratifications and stimulations of pleasure.

So for me my purpose now makes perfect sense. I’m came here to bring awareness to people who’s actions are not their own. I’m here to dissolve social conditioning, are you rebelling or are you conforming? both are in a reactive state towards a story that’s not your own!!! you don’t have to be bad or good, just be you ! Here’s a very interesting part of my story… My mom had a vision when she was 38 almost too old to conceive.. My mom said God came to her and gave her a vision about how she was going to have 1 more child he was going to be a boy and to name him Daniel… Here’s the secret I was the one that came and gave my mom the vision of me from source energy we are all connected to god and source energy and all that is... We all have a purpose as big as we choose it to be. 

Come along this ride with me let's level up and go to that next level.

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